Wedding Verses for a Card

On this day you will say I do
We all know you share a love that is true.
You will share a happy home for life,
Hand in hand as husband and wife.
Congratulations and Best Wishes

To the Bride and Groom
when you walk into the room
It’s party time, when
you cut the cake
after the vows that you both made
hope you have
A lovely wedding day

Congratulations to you both
on becoming man and wife,
youre wished a world of happiness
as you start your married life

You both deserve each other,
We all know this is true.
May this day be blessed with good
fortune which will last your whole
life through.

Remember your promises
On your wedding day
To love and to cherish
Never go astray
Even if you are tempted
Stop, it’s not the way
Remember your promises
On your wedding day

This is a day you both will share,
a day to wish you all the best,
the vows you say, the rings you give,
you both will be surely blessed.

To the bride and groom
your day is here
we celebrate your love
we charge our glass, and we cheer,
congratulations, youre man and wife

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