Wedding Verses for a Card

When thinking up the wording or phrases for a wedding card, sometimes a wedding poem or wedding verse can be the best way to express what you are feeling. A touching poem or beautiful verse can make your card extra special and really stand out from the rest, and there are fitting verses for almost every relative or friend.

Even if you’re just a colleague or acquaintance then a friendly wedding verse can be appropriate and will be well received.

Our selection of wedding verses will allow you to find the right sentiment or message for your special card.

To be gathered here together
On this very special day;
Congratulations to the pair of you
That’s all we want to say.

We are gathered here together
To wish you all the best;
This year will be wonderful
And so will all the rest.

May the love that fills your happy hearts
Upon your wedding day
Keep on growing deeper
As you go along life’s way
And through the years that follow
May a lot more dreams come true
Bringing added pleasure
And increasing joy to you!
Best Wishes

Sincere Congratulations
and the best of wishes, too
On this very lovely day that means
so much to both of you
And because you are a couple
who is grand in every way
You’re wished a future filled with joy
that deepens day by day.Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom

To say, “Congratulations,”
And then to tell you, too,
A lifetime share of happiness
Is wished for both of you.

Wishing you much happiness —
And hoping there is room
For lots of joy inside the hearts
Of both the Bride and Groom!

Two lives
Two hearts
joined in friendship
joined in love.

Congratulations on your marriage,
Have a wonderful life!
You are two terrific people,
Now teamed as man and wife.A team with blessings like yours
Will live a life you’ll cherish;
You’ll find happiness everywhere,
For your love will never perish.

May this day you share
be filled with love and laughter
May all the days ahead
be happy ever after!

Today you married your best friend,
Your bond complete, it hath no end,
You share one soul, you share one heart,
A perfect time – a perfect start.

I hope your marriage is like a fairy tale
With a happy ever after
Sharing your lives together
Amid much joyous laughter.

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