Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages

A wedding anniversary is a special day. From the 1st to a 50th, an anniversary is to celebrated as an amazing achievement and loving day.

One of the ways to let your husband or wife, or friends know how much they mean to you and that you want to celebrate their special day is to send a wedding anniversary card.

However, finding the right words for the card can be extremely challenging.

Expressing what you feel towards or about them is often a daunting task. So we have a fantastic selection of wedding anniversary wishes, messages and quotes to help you make sure your card says precisely what you want and expresses your feelings accurately.

Just select from the categories below and either use the messages exactly or as a starting point and inspiration for writing your own message and wishes.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

From Husband to Wife:

I wish we had gotten married earlier, just so that I could be married a little longer to such an amazing wife.

Each year surprises me again that I could be even more in love with you.

Our love keeps getting more beautiful each year that passes, just like you.

Since you become my wife I wake up each morning with smile
I have extra colors in my life I feel so much alive
Thank you so much, my lovely wife
Happy anniversary!

Thank you for making me happier than I ever thought possible and my life complete. I love you darling, happy anniversary

You’re there to understand
You’re there to care
You’re there to love
You’re just there, no matter what I’m so grateful for that
Let me love you and be your husband for the rest of our lives
Happy Anniversary!

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From Wife to Husband:

You know me better than anyone else in the world, and you love me more than anyone else in the world. You are simply amazing!

You are tough at the right times and sensitive in the right ways. Thank you for being my rock.

You have been better than any blessing I could have asked for from God. Thanks for being my spouse, playmate, and support

Thanks for the wonderful years we shared
For the happy moments and the great bonding Thanks for giving me a chance to be the mother of your child
I’ve never been so happier like this before
I love you more and more through the years.
Happy Anniversary!

You are the sweetest, kindest and humblest person I’ve ever known
I think I am the luckiest girl in the world because that person is my husband
Happy anniversary, hubby!

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From Friends:

Happy Anniversary to a great pair of people who belong together. You are an inspiration to those who know you.

Happy Anniversary to one of the best couples in the world.

Wishing you both another great year together.

No matter how old you get, you always seem to have young love.

Happy Anniversary Wishes

You’re a fantastic role model for married couples! Happy Anniversary!

Another year has gone by and we hope you have many more.

Hoping you two are blessed with many more happy years together.

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