Wedding Card Message Writing Tips

If you are struggling with what to write in your wedding card or say to the couple you may still decide not to use the examples provided here. Choosing instead to make it totally person and from your own heart with your own words.

If so then we’ve come up with some tips on getting your message to reflect the way you feel and sound just right. Use these ideas and methods to create the perfect sounding message that is directly from the heart.

Who is the Message for?

Considering who the message is for is crucial in deciding on the appropriate wording. Is it a relative, friend or work colleague? Are they very close or more of an acquaintance. Establishing this will help a lot when it comes to writing your message.

A Colleague/Coworker

Writing for an acquaintance or colleague then you will want to keep it simple and not too emotional. Offering a basic congratulations should be enough, and a fairly formal tone will be the most appropriate. Avoid anything humorous as without knowing the person or couple that well could lead you into problems regarding their sense of humor and what they are ok with.

A Friend

If your message is for friends then you have a much broader range of topics and emotions you can use. Maybe relate it to something from your childhood if you go back that far with them, or possibly even an in-joke that only you are familiar with. A funny wedding card message is definitely a good option with a friend, especially a close one, as no doubt you share the same sense of humor and they will appreciate some gentle tongue in cheek mocking or joke about something personal to them.


A wedding message for family is often the most difficult as finding the right words for someone so special is near impossible. Try to write from the heart, using all the memories you have of the person for inspiration, and remember that whatever you say they will appreciate the effort you have taken to make it so personal and special.

There are of course many more scenarios and different types of people you may have to write for. If you are attending the wedding of someone who is religious, stick to something traditional and possibly even use a quote from some relevant religious text.

Finding the right words

If you need some inspiration for the right words for your message then there are many places that can help. The most obvious is the internet, that has lots of different resources, including websites such as this that provide you with pre-written messages or writing tips.

However, many people prefer to write something personal rather than copying it directly from somewhere.

If you fall into this category then try looking through religious books and texts for a religious message, perhaps your favourite love-story, film or book can help to inspire you, or even a story of love and marriage you’ve heard from friends or relatives.

Just remember that the most special and best wedding message will almost always come from the heart!

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