43 Wedding Wishes for a Coworker

If you have even just a few coworkers then there’s a good chance one or more will, at some point, get married. And that probably means you’ll either be invited to that colleagues wedding, or will want to send your best wishes.

But how do you wish a coworker a happy wedding? And what would you write in a wedding card for a colleague?

Obviously you’re going to want to say congratulations. And how pleased you are for them.

But beyond that? You might be struggling.

It can be tricky finding the right words for wedding wishes. Even more so with coworkers who you might not know that well.

But you should still try to make the effort.

So if you’re struggling with wedding wishes for a coworker try these example messages that are perfect for congratulating them on their marriage.

Wedding Wishes for a Coworker

Congratulations from all of us at work and best wishes for the exciting new life you’ve got look forward to

Congratulations and all the best for a happy life together

I was so happy to be invited to your wedding. I know we aren’t the closest at work but it meant the world to me. Congratulations and all the best for a happy marriage

To my best work buddy – May you and your partner always be blessed. Congratulations on your lovely wedding

Work can’t cope without you so please don’t go on your honeymoon for too long! Only joking, congratulations and lots of love

Congratulations on your promotion. Not at work but from unmarried to married!

What a lovely wedding and you make a wonderful couple. Congratulations

My best wishes for a fantastic day that is everything you could want. I’m sure it’ll be a brilliant wedding

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If you can deal with the stress of our work then you can cope with a little wedding! Congratulations and all my love

Thank you for inviting me and congratulations. It was great to see two people so in love

I’m so delighted I get to see my favorite colleague, but more importantly friend, getting married. You deserve so much love and happiness!

The whole office has been buzzing since you announced your engagement and now to see you finally get married is just amazing. Congratulations

You looked so happy today, and why not? You’ve got married to a fantastic man/woman who completes you. All my love and congratulations

Both professional and now personal success. Congratulations on all the new and exciting things happening in your life

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wedding message for a colleague

You’ve found the ideal way to make life easier – marrying someone you work with! We’re all just so happy to see you both find such love with each other

You are a great colleague and someone I’m happy to call a true friend. That’s why its great to see you finding such happiness.

It was a beautiful day and I’m so pleased I was there to share in the love and happiness you have found. Congratulations

May your life together be filled with every happiness

I just know this is a love story that will last forever. Congratulations and see you at work soon!

I couldn’t be happier for you and your partner. You make an adorable couple and I’m thrilled to see you getting married

To the entire offices favorite person, we are delighted to see you walking down the aisle and just know this the beginning of a fairytale life. Congratulations!

It was only a matter of time until someone snapped you up! I can’t believe you were single for so long. Have a great day and wishing you a happy life together

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Wedding Messages for a Colleague

What an incredible day. You made a stunning bride and I’m so happy for you! Congrats

Wishing you a blessed and joyous life together

Wishing you a life of love and to live happily ever after

Congratulations on this special day. May you always feel such love and happiness as you have today

Wishing you an amazing life together that is filled with love and joy

You’re the last office bachelor to finally get hitched! Congrats and enjoy married life

To my dear friend, wishing you a long and happy future together. Congratulations!

May all your love today grow even stronger with time. Congratulations

You two are just perfect together. And I’m just so happy to see you so happy. Have a wonderful day and life as man and wife

To a perfect couple – your love will only continue to grow as you spend your life together

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congratulations wedding wishes to coworkers

All the best for the exciting times that lie ahead. You have a brilliant life to look forward to with your new partner

On such a lovely occasion I wanted to wish you my congratulations on your wedding

Best wishes for a happy life with your new wife/husband

Best wishes for this exciting new journey you’re about to undertake

Everyone in the office is sending our best wishes for your big day

Hoping this new phase in your life is filled with all the happiness you deserve

Heartfelt congratulations on your wedding. We are all so happy for you

Wishing you a long and joyous marriage for many years to come

We’ve needed and depended on you for years, but now it’s time for someone else to rely on all the good you do. Best of luck with your wedding

I know you’re going to make a truly awesome partner and have a wonderful life together. All my best

We wanted to send our warmest wishes for your upcoming nuptials. We all treasure you at work so are really pleased to see you find someone who makes you so happy. Congratulations

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We hope that you now have all the inspiration you could need for a Touching wedding message. Just remember to congratulate them on their big day and say how happy you are they’re getting married. Anything on top of that will be a bonus and gives you the freedom then to add your own touches, stories or anecdotes.

Don’t go too mad though! Keep it fairly simple, be sincere and you’ll end up with the best wedding wishes for a coworker.

wedding wishes for a coworker

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