45 Wedding Cake Quotes and Sayings

Do you want your wedding cake to look as good as possible? Then what you need is a great choice of wedding cake quotes and sayings for inspiration of how to make your cake look perfect.

With a wedding there is always a cake. Usually it’s big, impressive and (hopefully!) tasty.

But it needs decorating to show who it’s for. Often cakes will have some message or quote included on them.

But knowing what to write on a wedding cake can be difficult. It’s not quite the same as a wedding card or message.

You only have a small space to get your message across or fit a quote in.

So if you’re struggling with the perfect wording for a wedding cake and need some wedding cake quotes for ideas and inspiration try this great selection.

From funny quotes to touching phrases, these lovely sayings will make even the sweetest cake even sweeter.

Traditional Wedding Cake Quotes

Congratulations to the Happy Couple

Your New Life Together Starts Today

Love is Everything you Could Ever Need

Wishing the New Couple a Happy Life

Best Wishes to [Brides name] and [Grooms name]

Congratulations to this New Beginning

Wishing you a Lifetime of Happiness Together

Treasure Each and Every Moment

To a Love that is Pure and Simple

Wishing you an Eternity of Happiness

You are a Match Made in Heaven

You will be Together Forever

Be Forever in Each Others Hearts

Cherish Every Second of your Love

You Will Live Happily Ever After

Congratulations on Finding True Love

Heartfelt Wishes to the Bride and Groom

Here’s to a Long and Happy Marriage

To a Blessed Couple on their Wedding Day

Heartfelt Wishes for Years of Love

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Funny Quotes

It’s Not Too Late, You Can Still Run!

Marriage is the Icing on the Cake

[Brides name] is Off the Market!

Say Goodbye to your Freedom!

You Take the Cake for Cutest Couple

Sweetest Wishes to the Bride and Groom

Married – That Has a Good Ring to it

Eat, Drink And Be Married

Congrats on Growing Old Together

He Put a Ring on It

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For a Themed Wedding

Themed weddings have become very popular so whether it be travel inspired, beach or more these wedding cake sayings should be perfect.


Embark on a New Adventure Together

Let Your Love Take You to Amazing New Places

Love at First Flight!

You’re on a Voyage to a Life of Love and Happiness

The World is yours


Keep Palm and Get Married

You Two Shore are Perfect Together

May Your Love Be As Vast As the Ocean

Life’s a Beach – Enjoy It!

Heres to a Sunny Life Together

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A Happy Wife A Happy Life

Vow To Always Love One Another

True Love is Forever

You’ve Made An Honest Woman of [Brides Name]

You Are the Perfect Couple

Hopefully one of these sayings or quotes for a wedding cake will have been just what you were looking for.

Make your wedding cake that extra bit special and decorate it in the best way with a great quote that will add to the magic of such a big day.

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