33+ Wedding Wishes for your Granddaughter

Your granddaughter’s wedding day is going to be such an amazing moment. Seeing that little girl grown up to be the young woman getting married will be a truly special day for everyone.

So you’re going to want to offer her your congratulations. But it can be hard to know what to say or write in a wedding message for your granddaughter.

It’s important to express just how happy for her you are and that clearly shows just what she means to you. That’s not easy though!

So if you’re finding it difficult knowing what to say or write then use these example wedding wishes for your granddaughter. You can change them to fit your specific circumstances or edit the wording if you wish.

Wedding Wishes for Granddaughter

Use these wedding wishes to wish your granddaughter a happy marriage and let her know how pleased you are her on such a big day.

  • To my beautiful granddaughter, wishing you a perfect wedding. To see you finding love is a joy I can’t fully express
  • I can barely believe my granddaughter is getting married. I’m delighted for you and hope you have the wonderful life you so deserve
  • It’s been an honor to watch you grow into the impressive young woman getting married. Sending all my love to you on your wedding day
  • Happy wedding day to my beautiful granddaughter! Today you embark on a truly special journey and a life that will be filled with such happiness
  • Wishing you and your husband-to-be a happy life together and a wedding that will be everything you have always hoped it would be
  • I just know that today is going to the beginning of the happiest period of your life. You and your partner will fill each others lives with a happiness and love so pure. My love and best wishes
  • Sending my loving wishes to my granddaughter on your wedding day. May today be one of overwhelming joy that marks the start of your new life as man and wife
  • No words can describe just how delighted I am for you. I’m so pleased to be a part of your big day and know that you are taking those first few steps into a life that will be nothing but happiness and love
  • Today is a magical day! Seeing my granddaughter get married is such a joy for me and I wish you both all the best for the amazing future you have ahead of you
  • May your wedding be blessed with a love that will last forever. Congratulations and all my best wishes for the wedding today and always

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  • Your love will only continue to grow as each day passes. You deserve all the happiness in the world
  • It is an honor to be a part of and witness you getting married. I can’t wait to see your happy face as you walk down the aisle! Wishing you all the happiness in the world
  • Have a wonderful day my darling granddaughter. I’ve seen how in love you are and just how happy you are going to be
  • From the first time you met it was clear to see you were made for one another. As you say your vows and become man and wife I want to wish you an amazing wedding and all the best for your new lives together
  • May today be the start of your new life and it bring you untold happiness. Congratulations my wonderful granddaughter and enjoy your big day
  • You have found that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations and wishing you all my love for a very happy marriage
  • The whole family will do everything to make your wedding as magical as we can. We want you to enjoy every second of it. All our love

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Wedding Congratulations for your Granddaughter

Use these touching messages to offer your granddaughter congratulations on her wedding day.

  • Congratulations to my sweet little granddaughter. As you get married I wish you a blessed life with a love that can withstand anything
  • I know that you have a love that will last throughout the ages and only grow stronger with each passing year. Congratulations
  • Today will be the beginning of the happiest time of your life. You have a lifetime of love and amazing memories to look forward to. Congratulations
  • You both make such a beautiful couple and are the epitome of true love. Congratulations and enjoy the incredible day you have ahead of you
  • Raising my glass to my favorite granddaughter and wishing you a special wedding day. I know you’re going to be very happy
  • Congratulations to my beloved granddaughter. I know your married life is going to be filled with love and happiness as you journey through life together as one

wedding wishes for your granddaughter

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  • Sending love and all my best to you on a day that you will never forget. Congratulations and enjoy your wedding
  • You will make memories today that will be cherished forever. Looking back on it years from you will remember how happy you were and that it signalled the start of an amazing journey with your partner. Congratulations
  • Congratulations from your grandma and grandpa! We couldn’t be more happy to get to see our little granddaughter walking down the aisle
  • I know you’ve dreamed of the perfect wedding and as it approaches I hope it surpasses all your expectations. Congratulations my granddaughter
  • May the wonderful memories you make on your wedding last you for a lifetime. Congratulations
  • You have a very lucky new husband! But I know he will make you very happy and I wanted to congratulate you both on what will be a lovely wedding
  • Not everyone gets to find and marry their soul mate. You have been blessed with a loving partner and now you can enjoy your wedding before starting a new life together
  • Sending best wishes and hoping your wedding will be blessed with love and joy. Congratulations and enjoy the special day
  • We can’t think of anything that could make us as happy as getting to witness or granddaughter getting married. You are a beautiful couple and we know you bring each other such happiness. Our biggest congratulations on this amazing day
  • You are made for one another and the love you have is eternal. With all my love on such a fantastic day – congratulations!

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Hopefully these wedding messages for your granddaughter will help you wish her congratulations on her wedding day.

Speak from the heart and be sincere and your granddaughter will appreciate your kind words as she starts her new life.

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