33 Wedding Wishes for a Sister

On your sisters wedding day it’s understandable to be excited. Having been by her side for years and grown up together it’s a big day for the whole family. So what do you write or say in a wedding message to a sister?

You want to demonstrate just how delighted you are she’s found that special person to love forever. When speaking or writing to her your words should come from the heart.

If you are struggling though and want to write your own wedding wishes then these hints and tips should help get you started:

  • Begin by telling your sister just how happy you are for her, and how much it means to you to be seeing her get married.
  • Talk about how much she means to you as a sister.
  • Mention how lovely the wedding was or is going to be, and how glad you are to be a part of it.
  • End by wishing your sister and her partner all the happiness in the world, and a long marriage full of laughter and joy.

That’s a few short tips and ideas for writing your own wedding message for your sister. Don’t forget that things like how much you get to see your sister, how close the two of you are etc. will shape what you say. Every individuals situation is different so what you say will of course be different to someone else.

But generally speaking those few guidelines above are a good way to start your message.

If you would prefer a message that is already written then the example wedding wishes below should be just what you’re looking for.

They are designed for wishing your sister a happy marriage and wedding but can be edited so they suit your circumstances.

For more ideas see our wedding poems for sister.

Wedding Wishes for a Sister

Use these wedding wishes to show your sister just how happy you are for her and what it means to you to see her getting married.

  • To my little sister, have a wonderful wedding. I’m so pleased to see you’ve found a happiness to last a lifetime
  • It’s still amazes me to think my little sister is actually getting married! It just feels like yesterday we were kids. But I’m
    so happy you’ve found such happiness.
  • Today is a day like no other – you’re getting married! As my big sister I’ve seen you grow up and you’ve always been such an inspiration to me. So I’m beyond happy to see you beginning on this exciting journey. Congratulations and all my love
  • I know you’re probably going to be nervous on such a big day but try not to be! You’re marrying that one person who makes you feel more loved and safe than anyone else. Enjoy a wonderful day!
  • Hoping you have a truly special wedding day and an even happier life as man and wife
  • May this just be the start of a life that brings you both more joy and love than you could have ever imagined. Have a great day sis
  • To my one and only sister – wishing you nothing but happiness on this amazing day
  • Here’s to my big sis having the wedding she always dreamed of. I will raise my glass to you and the life full of joy and laugher you’re about to start
  • Wishing you all my love on today, your wedding day, and knowing this will be the beginning of the wonderful family life you have longed for. I’m so pleased for you
  • Seeing my sister getting married brings about all sorts of emotions. But the main one is happiness – how happy I am to be able to witness you with the man you love joining together as man and wife. All my love and best wishes for today
  • May your wedding today and your marriage going forward always be blessed with love and good health. My best wishes
  • I’m wishing you many years of love and happiness that grows greater as each of those years passes. All my best to my amazing sister
  • It is an honor to be witnessing your marriage and vows. My best wishes for a life together thing brings you nothing but joy
  • May this new journey you’re embarking on be filled with only wonderful memories and delightful times as husband and wife. My best wishes to my fantastic sister
  • Wishing my beloved sister a long and happy life with the man of her dreams. Have a great day
  • Here’s to a wedding day filled with fun, love and happiness. It will be the perfect way to start your new life
  • I’m so happy for you sis. You’ve found that happy ending we all want. You can now look forward to a life that overflows with love and affection
  • To my loving sister – enjoy your wedding day and cherish the amazing memories it leaves you with. All my love and heartfelt wishes

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wedding congratulations to sister

Wedding Congratulations for your Sister

Wish your sister congratulations on her wedding day with theses moving and heartfelt wishes and messages.

  • Congratulations to my sister on her wedding day. Here’s to perfect memories and a happiness that is unending
  • May your love only grow and your bonds become stronger as each day passes. My warmest congratulations
  • Congratulations to my sister and I hope that this, your wedding, is the start of a life blessed with an abundance of happiness and laughter
  • No one deserves love and happiness like you do, sis. I can’t explain how delighted I am that you have found it. Congratulations
  • Congratulations and I do hope that all the brilliant memories you make today will stay with you forever. I can’t say how happy I am for you, my little sister

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wedding message for sister

  • I will raise a glass today and wish my sister the magical wedding she deserves. I can only hope your married life is made up of an enduring love so powerful it takes your breath away. Congratulations
  • Congratulations my darling sister. You are about to go on a journey that will be exciting, exhilarating, but most importantly filled with love
  • Congratulations to my sister. May you enjoy a day that will be remembered and treasured forever. My love and best wishes for your joy together as one
  • Today is your day to be enjoyed. Take it all in and cherish every second. Congratulations from your big brother
  • I know we’ve argued in the past but I couldn’t be any happier to see you getting married. All my love and congratulations to my big sister
  • May your wedding be an occasion of laughter and good times. Congrats sis
  • Congrats to my adorable sister. I send my best wishes for a life of happiness with your new husband and a wedding that is nothing but joy filled
  • You have found your soulmate and can now spend the rest of your life with them. Congratulations sister
  • Congratulations and blessings on your marriage. I am so pleased I get to see my big sister get married

Funny Wedding Wishes for your Sister

  • I hope you two don’t end up fighting as much as we have over the years! Congratulations sis
  • I’m so happy for you! Now you can annoy someone else all the time that isn’t me! Have a great wedding sis
  • Does your new husband vow to love everything about you.. including your snoring!?
  • Dear sis, I hope your wedding turns out to be as nice as your Pinterest wedding!
  • Don’t forget, now you’re married you get to blame him for everything that goes wrong!

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Hopefully these wedding wishes for your sister will have helped with deciding on the perfect thing to say or write to her. Remember to be genuine and sincere with what you say, and let it come from the heart.

She will appreciate your kind words and be grateful knowing her sibling is their to support her on such a big day.

wedding wishes for sister

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