55+ Bridal Shower Cake Sayings and Quotes

Do you want your bridal shower cake to look as good as it can? Then you need a great selection of bridal shower cake sayings and quotes to help your cake look it’s best.

If you’re throwing the bride a bridal shower then that means a party! And a party means food, decorations, and of course you’ve got to have a cake!

But that cake will need decorating to let the bride know how happy you all are fit her. That means a saying or quote is included on it. Maybe something funny or sweet for the bride to be.

Knowing what to write on a bridal shower cake is tricky though. It’s a little different from a wedding card or message.

There’s only a small space on the cake to fit the message or quote.

So if you’re having a hard time with the perfect wording for a bridal shower cake and need some bridal shower cake quotes for inspiration and ideas then these should be ideal to help you out.

From a funny message to moving quotes these sayings will help make your cake that not sweeter.

Traditional Bridal Shower Cake Sayings

  • All you Need is Love
  • Wishing you Every Happiness
  • Here Comes the Bride!
  • Congratulations to the Bride-to-be
  • Showering the Bride with Happiness
  • May you Enjoy a Lifetime of Wedded Joy
  • Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom!
  • To True Love!
  • Happily Ever After Begins Now
  • Wishing the Husband and Wife a Very Happy Life
  • Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After
  • Together is a Beautiful Place to be
  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • Love has Come Along, and your Lonely Days are Over
  • Love Makes Life Sweeter

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Funny Quotes

  • There’s Still Time to Back Out!
  • Cake Today, Wedding Diet Tomorrow
  • Marriage Has a Nice Ring to it
  • Loving you is a Piece of Cake
  • The Hunt is Over!
  • The Bride Is Always Right!
  • He Put a Ring on It
  • You Guys Take the Cake
  • The Last Trot Before Tying The Knot
  • Team Bride
  • Ever Notice How Marry and Scary Rhyme?
  • Married – That Has a Good Ring to it
  • You Take the Cake for Cutest Couple
  • Say Goodbye to your Freedom
  • It’s Not Too Late, You Can Still Run!
  • Marriage is the Frosting on the Cake

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Cute Sayings

  • First Came Love, Now Comes Marriage
  • True Love Really is Sweet
  • To A Match Made in Heaven
  • Counting Down to the Big Day
  • To a New Chapter in a Great Love Story
  • Love is All you Need
  • Found a Keeper
  • Dreams Do Come True
  • Love is Everything you Could Ever Need
  • Congratulations on Finding True Love

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Movie Quotes for Cake Sayings

  • “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” – Moulin Rouge
  • “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away” – Hitch
  • “Love requires sacrifice, but it’s worth it. Always.” – The Longest Ride
  • “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – Winnie the Pooh
  • “Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without.” – Meet Joe Black
  • “I wish I had done everything on Earth with you” – The Great Gatsby

For a Themed Bridal Shower


  • Love at First Flight!
  • You’re on a Voyage to a Life of Love and Happiness
  • Embark on a New Adventure Together
  • Let Your Love Take You to Amazing New Places

  • Here’s to a Sunny Life Together
  • Keep Palm and Get Married
  • Wishing You Oceans of Happiness
  • May Your Love Be As Vast As the Ocean

We hope you’ve enjoyed these bridal shower cake sayings and they have helped you to find the perfect words for a bridal shower cake.

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